Just Jess  

  • Proud Southern girl

  • Florida Native

  • Corporate hustler by day

  • Dog Momma by night

  • Girl boss ALWAYS

  • Book Nerd

  • Amateur photographer

  • Whiskey enthusiast

  • Curator of good vibes

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine

Reviews: my circle describes me in their own words…


Jess is a

Truth Seeker, Fierce Dog Mama & lover of animals, Never met a taco she didn't love, Whiskey connoisseur, Leader among friends and coworkers, Trendsetter, Book obsessed, Future HGTV star (for reals, one of these days...), Feels like sunshine, Curator of good vibes


Jess is a

Boss babe, with a huge heart and a love of whiskey and caviar!!! I don’t know which is more beautiful, her face or her heart, but she exudes love and light with everyone she meets <3  You have so much to share with the world - so let your light shine my love!!!!


Jess is a

friend, a wife, a daughter, a sister... All I know is she is a present human being. She cares. She is love. She works hard. She plays hard. She is intentional, and has an eye for beauty.



Take time to make your soul happy