Girl, Wash Your Face -- by Rachel Hollis

Ready for some serious tough love, heavy on the love? This book is the one for you. I don't have an older sister, but I feel like if I did, I would want this type of no nonsense, straight to the point tough love to motivate me to chase my dreams! Rach, if you are looking for a sister, I am available for adoption

"Your life is up to you"
Those words open the book in the introduction and sum it up in 6 little words
It's big, it's heavy, it's so damn true.
Rachel knows how to cut right to the core, she seems like she would be your favorite neighbor or best friend and the message, is admirable and necessary. I started my book recommendations with this book, because it changed how I look at my life. I hope if you read it, it does the same for you. There is so much power in taking control and accountability in your own life. Anyone can blame the world, anyone can spend time complaining about a problem, only to do nothing about it. You know what real courage looks like? Real courage looks like confronting the things in your life you are hiding from and making real change. Your terrible relationship, your overspending, your addictions, your people pleasing tendencies. Start working on you and see how life starts shifting immediately. No one can change your life, but you!

"If you are unhappy, that's on you"
This might be one of my favorite things that comes out of Rachel's mouth (FYI, it is likely I will say that again, I think Rachel Hollis is my spirit animal). You may be wondering how the concept of #HappyJess came along. It basically came from the quote above, before I ever heard it. I was in a bad place in my life a few years ago. I was struggling with my career, my marriage, my family, my own health. You get the idea, I was in a tail spin and i was going down a dark road. Drinking too much, not getting enough sleep, posting ridiculously negative nonsense on social media. UGH, even recalling that memory makes me nauseous, and it's because I am not that girl anymore. I pushed myself to be something else. I made a decision that I wanted a different life and #HappyJess was born. I am sure it seems small and maybe even stupid to you, but I decided anytime I posted something on social media, it was going to be positive and uplifting. Even when I was still in that low place, I would use my tiny platform in the world to help pull myself up. Surprisingly to me, and most likely you too, it worked. Friends would make comments about how much they loved seeing my positive posts everyday. It is one thing I have been consistent with for going on two years. It doesn't mean I don't have bad days or want to vent about a particular annoying co-worker, I just don't use social media for that. You can make small decisions to change your life!

"NOBODY--Not the voice of authority, Not your Momma, Not the foremost expert in your arena gets to tell you how big your dreams can be"
Wow, read that one again.
That thought is so powerful.
How many times do you make yourself smaller because of the opinions of someone else on your dream? Your mom, your boss, your best friend, the list is endless of people who will have an opinion of your next move, but guess what girl, their opinion is none of your business! "No one will ever care about your dream as much as you do" is another brilliant quote from Rachel and it could not be more true. Too often, especially as women, we will put our dream on the back burner to take care of everyone else. Time to put yourself on the top of your to do list, time to make what you want a priority. There will be haters, doubters, non-believers and then there will be you, proving them all wrong.
I wanted to start this blog for 3 years and do you know why I didn't? Because I made every excuse in the book of why it wouldn't work, why I didn't have time, who was I to write when I am not a writer, and of course the all time favorite, what will people think of it while reading my inner thoughts. Spoiler alert, I still have some of these fears, but I think I will have more regret for not trying then I will for putting something out there and seeing what happens. Even if only one person reads this and it inspires them to read this book or chase their dream it will have been worth making a positive impact in the world. If you want to be that one, read this book and please send me a message and tell me what you got from it.

Girl, Wash Your Face
In the closing monologue, which I will admit I have listened to anytime I need a boost. (P.S. you can also get to hear this on the video on Rachel's Facebook page which I highly recommend watching, you can also see it here Rachel gives bold direction to pick yourself and get back in the fight of your life.
The words alone are powerful, but I highly recommend listening to Rachel herself speak the words into you. This is the tough love I was promising from above. The entire book is extremely valuable and filled with quotes and sayings you will want to remember, and this ending is the perfect culmination of that message.

“Girl, get a hold of your life

Stop medicating

Stop hiding out

Stop being afraid

Stop giving away pieces of your self

Stop saying you can't do it

Stop the negative self talk

Stop abusing your body

Stop putting it off for tomorrow, or Monday, or next year

Stop crying about what happened, and take control of what happens next

Get up, right now

Rise up from where you've been

Scrub away the tears of yesterday and the pain of yesterday and start again


And hey, if the above is not enough to get you excited about this book, she has a whole chapter dedicated to having great sex, so there's a bonus for you! Rachel also has a book coming out in March 2019 called “Girl, Stop Apologizing”. Yes, I have already pre-ordered it. Hope you enjoy this one, ladies! Leave your comments below on your takeaways from this one!